Tres gatos cantores por Marta Rivera Ferner

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Tres gatos cantores cuenta con 48 páginas y debe su existencia a la editorial Irene Penas Murias (tr.). El idioma de esta edición es desconocido.

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Sinopsis de Tres gatos cantores:

On a night when the full moon was out, when the stars were dancing in the sky, and the comets were trying on their new hats, One, Two, and Three, cats that live on the hill, decided to sing a serenade. One was white. Very white and hairy. Two was yellow. As yellow as an egg yolk. Three was orange, like the setting sun. When the first song was over, the Moon, high and very white, began to applaud enthusiastically. The Moon and the three cats made so much noise that they woke up Four, Five, and Six, other cats from the neighborhood. The others asked them to keep quiet, careful not to hurt their feelings. After much consideration, the cats decided to set off in search of Mr. Seven of the Eight, an opera impresario. They walked and walked, turning corners and crossing squares, until they reached an enormous white and gold building with carpeted staircases and crystal chandeliers. That?s where they found Mr. Seven of the Eight. This charming story, with its entertaining ending, will help beginning readers to learn their numbers and colors, maintaining their attention from beginning to end.

Información interesante del título:

  • Título: Tres gatos cantores
  • Autor: Marta Rivera Ferner
  • Editorial: Irene Penas Murias (tr.)
  • Otra información: Everest Galicia, S.L.
  • Idioma: desconocido
  • Páginas: 48
  • ISBN: Sin información del ISBN
  • Fecha de publicación: 7/2/1905

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